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Listed First the Bitcoin as an Investment Product as According to the Gibraltar Stock Exchange!

As based and according to the details and information regarding on its website in which is the BitcoinETI which offers and serves professional and elite investors that introduce and expose them into the Bitcoin as it trades and vends in the Euro charging by 1.75% as the management fees and costs on a minimum order and number size of total of €100,000.The BitcoinETI, who has been sponsored by the Gibraltar which is a based FinTech specialists and experts on the Revoltura Ltd, and will be also co-listed on the Deutsche Börse in which is under the symbol of the “BTCETI”. It also enables and facilitate the sales in all thirty-on (31) EEA countries and regions and the Switzerland and is also available through any of the regulated brokerage firm and institution.The Revoltura works and mechanisms are closely and near with the partners and venture in the Malta and the Gibraltar to develop and improve the investments of products that are fully and completely compliant and also acquiescent with the financial market legislation and law and also quickly and easily accessible and reachable through the regulated brokers all over and across the Europe.The BitcoinETI is released and issued by a Gibraltar-based company in which is the iStructure PCC PLC, in which is based in the partnership and a joint venture between the Revoltura and the Government of the Gibraltar and the Financial Services Commission of the Gibraltar’s regulatory board and regulator and the securitization and safeties experts and specialist Argentarius ETI Management Limited. It is the Bitcoin custodian is the Coinbase.In his explanation and further information spread, the CEO of the structure and the arranger of the BitcoinETI, Argentarius ETI Management, Andreas Woelfl mentioned and told that it is a stock exchange trade and vending security that is backed and supported by an underlying and a fundamental asset or a basket of assets and also delivers and also conveys the delta one performance and routine of the underlying and primary.He stated and uttered in one of his statements on one of his interviews that the ETI will provide and showcase the European investors such as the asset managers, the pension funds and resources and the private bankers with the flexible and lithe securitization and safeties solutions and keen and the opportunity and also the potential to capture and catch the performance and actions of the Bitcoin through the European Union stock exchange together with the fresh and new models and representation of the structured and well-thought out finance.The ETI are supported and backed by the linked and connected performance and actions in which is associated to bond units that are released and issued by the Special Investment Vehicle in which stand for the SIV in which is managed and facilitated by the authorized asset managers and facilitators.The units can be bought and purchased by the suitable investors through and by the means of their standard and typical broker relationships so that the trade and the settlement process and procedures is transparent and reliable and yet simple for all of the parties.

Seeing Bitcoin a Foreign Currency in Russia

Closed and nearly a week after the proposal and application of the Party of Growth which is a political and opinionated party in Russia in which it represents and take the side of the liberal free market economy that was about to legalize the Bitcoin. The Russian Ministry of Finance and the country’s lawmakers, legislators and policymakers are set and situate to treat the cryptocurrencies in which including the Bitcoin as a foreign currency.The Deputy of Finance Minister Alexie Moiseev, who was featured and guest to a segment of an interview that is being hosted by the Russian Newspaper, stated and claim that while the cryptocurrency-based business operations are still on the side of illegality or being illegal in Russia, the Ministry of finance is recently and currently developing and formulating a set and batch or rules and regulations to enable and be able the purchasing and buying and selling of the Bitcoin.As the Deputy of Finance Minister Alexie Moiseev mentioned and stated that, “Yes, it is impossible and unfeasible to issue a foreign currency in Russia. But you can buy and purchase foreign currency, then put it in your pockets and go around and abroad. Therefore, we are currently and recently working on a precise and specific definitions and classification in the bill, so that it will be possible and probable to buy, purchase and even sell the Bitcoins.Nevertheless, the Minister Alexie Moiseev clarified and specified that the cryptocurrency mining is illegal in the country because it goes and set off against the country’s constitution and laws in which states that the Ruble is the only currency accepted by the country. “As based and according to the constitution and law, the only currency and bill in the country is the ruble. It is sole issuer and alone is the Bank of Russia. Thus, the issue of any other currency and bill is illegal” he articulate.The highly respected and anticipated and yet a predictable statement of the Ministry of Finance is alleged and supposed to spur and impel the growth and development of the Bitcoin in Russia significantly and specifically. According and based to Boris Titov, in which is the Presidential Commissioner for Entrepreneurs’ Rights in Russia and the Leader of Right Cause party, which is a Russian agencies and groups estimate and subjected that there are around two million of the Bitcoin wallets held or being opened by the Russian users. “And we they Party of Growth only estimate that over 2 million Russian citizens and populace have opened their very own Bitcoin wallets,” as said and mentioned by Boris Titov on one of his interviews with the TASS a Russian news agency.While the mainstream payment networks threatened the Bitcoin made legal. Some and several have positivity in the Russian Bitcoin industry and service brightened and being enlightened the Bitcoin community and society this week. The mainstream payment and compensation outlet and networks in which includes the QIWI and the Skrill are being threatened by the Russian government’s media watchdog that come forth with Roskomnadzor.As confirmed and being declared in some previous news and articles The QIWI and Skrill have been being put on the official list of being banned and forbidden and barred websites for containing opportunities and chances to participate in gambling.Even though the specialists and the experts like the Investors’ Angel CEO, Addy Creeze thinks and believes that the threats will be lessen and diminish in the upcoming and near future, and the banning and barring of mainstream payments and compensation networks shows a glimpse or a glance of the tight and heavy strict financial rules and regulations in Russia in which makes the government’s decision to legalize the Bitcoin.

Bitcoin’s Mass Adoption and Acceptance: Can Pokémon Go Lead the Way?

The Pokémon Go, a greater than before and an amplified mobile game and app in which has been released and launched approximately a month ago, was fast and quickly turning into sensation and a phenomenal and yet now a trending game topic. At this very moment millions and millions of people are downloading and also playing and having fun with it. And a question can be raised and pop out of some minds that can then Pokémon Go be used and be a way to improve Bitcoin’s rate and worth of adoption and acceptance?A childhood fantasy and fascination which turned into a reality and now blowing up into the surface. The Pokémon Go makes clever and witty use of a Smartphone’s camera and also the GPS navigation to create and generate augmented and improved reality environment and nature and allocate and allow the players to catch and capture a Pokémon in the real-life locations and places. By tapping into the Game Boy nostalgia and fulfilling a fantasy and fascination of a world and nature inhabited by a real Pokémon, the game has managed to pull out and achieve unprecedented and extraordinary success and triumph.As based and according to the Fortune, as of this year 2016 July 11, the 6^ of all United States of America based Android owners were playing and having fun Pokémon Go, easily and simply beating such giants as the Netflix, the Pandora, also the Twitter, in just within the five days after the app has been launched and released into the market. On the next day, it hit for over 21 million of active users in the United States of America, and breaking and flouting the previous record of the 20 million in the country which is held by the Candy Crush Saga.On same year July 15, 2016, over more than 1 million players were active and playing the game in the Netherlands, and that is even without the app being officially launched and released in the country yet at that period of time!If the numbers and figures do not even really convince you, just watch the video filmed in the New York’s Central Park in which is showing and showcasing the hundreds numbers of people who are rushing to a location in where a Vaporeon which is one of the rarer Pokémon has spawned and offspring.What makes the Pokémon Go especially and specifically interesting and attractive and yet fascinating, is the fact and verity that it is completely and absolutely a digital product in which is nonetheless has a vastly and immense impact approach and influence on the real-world as much as like the Bitcoin. There are already been some people in the society out there who are been using an important concept of the game and app to their own advantage and benefit.The PokeStop, which is specifically and exactly a place or a location in the game and also in the real world, can be visited and stopover by the players in order to attain and obtain a useful in-game items and gears. They are being refresh in every five minutes time, and tend to appear near real-life points and peak of interest such as like the parks, the monuments, the museums or for some example the bars and near restaurants or even food chains.There are numbers and several examples of the people who are using those to make profit and to earn, like in this story of a group or company of kids setting up a lemonade stand near a PokeStop, and enjoying a constant and continues influx and arrival of the customers.Where does the Bitcoin take its part, loop in and came in? For starters you may ask on how can these leads and find a way to an increase and upgrade in the Bitcoin’s adoption and acceptance? Well, the answer is very quite simple and easy, the PokeStop naturally and logically tend to attract and catch attention of some people, as they are a source of valuable and worth items and gears. If one was to put and set, for an example, a Bitcoin ATM near such spot, it would lead and make way to the people naturally and obviously bumping and keep noticing it.This can be a further and supplementary in the increase and upgrade of the owner of the ATM purchases and buys a Lure Module and another in-game item or gear in which increases and upgrades the likelihood of Pokémon spawning and generating near and close to the PokeStop and also consequently and keeps on attracting even more and more numbers of people to engage with it too.But in a real revolution and evolvement it could happen if the Niantic which is a developer of the Pokémon Go would start and begin accepting the Bitcoin in the in-game shop or store.The Poké Balls are the device and tools to capture and catch the found Pokémon in which are expended and spent each time a fresh and new one is caught or capture and also need to be replenish or even refill in order and to be able to catch more and more Pokémon. One simply and easy way and method to replenish and refill them is to buy and purchase batches of Poké Balls in the in-game shop or store for a real money, in which could be also be Bitcoins.So a PokeStop with a Lure Module placed at it, and also a Bitcoin ATM situated and positioned nearby could create and build both the demand and supply for the Bitcoins at the same period of time in such a situation and circumstances could lead and could be a potentially and probably lead to an explosion and a big bang in the number of a fresh and new Bitcoin users.So what do you think of this? Is it likely for a company or a business which has already been revolutionized and evolved in one disruptive and unruly technology enlarged and amplified reality to harness and gather the potential and latent of the Bitcoin?
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Listed First the Bitcoin as an Investment Product as According to the Gibraltar Stock Exchange!

Seeing Bitcoin a Foreign Currency in Russia